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Please do not abuse the effort to introduce this test in as many languages as possible!
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- You did the test several times so you are familiar with the context of the words and sentences.
- You will translate the pages to the national language spoken in your country.
- You fully understand everything in the text below.
- You are confident your translation is right regarding spelling and grammar.
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The sentences and words appearing in the test, marked with the numbers (1) till ( 27) are shown below more or less in the sequence they apear on the screen.
Fill out all the empty text boxes below the original English text translated in your own language.
Some additional fields which you need to fill out are marked with the characters (A) till (G).
When doing so please keep in mind the following guidelines:
- Please translate all sentences as carefully as possible and if suitable for your language use Capitals, question marks, exclamation marks and dots similar to the original English text.
- If applicable use your own script instead of Latin characters i.e. Arabic, Kanji, Hangul etc.
- Use the correct direction if your languange is written from right to left, such as Arabic, Farsi etc. This direction will be followed up in the resulting pages.
- Take notice of the comments written in italic before filling out the fields.
- When being asked to fill in a "first name" don't fill in your name but the actual translation!
- Do not use HTML codes.
- Please keep in mind that the words and characters you use should also be easy to understand for everybody also for children!

Okay Here You Go...Good Luck!

(A)Specify first the name of your language in your own language and script

(B)Translate the following metatags keywords
Game, Entertainment, Fun, Kids, Children, Adults, Quiz, Test, Tests, Simple, Color, Colour, Personality, Worldwide, Multi-language Support

(C)Translate the following metatag description
What's your true color is a simple but entertaining game to find out what's your true color and that of your friends and foes. Suitable for all ages from 7 to 99.

Screen 1

(1)What's your true color?

(2)Did you know that everyone's got one color which reflects their true personality?

(3)Find out what your true color is, by following the instructions below.. Have Fun!

(4)Enter your details
(5)First name  
(6)Family name  

Screen 2


John Doe

(8)your true color is..


(10)You have incredible will-power and you are capable of overcoming obstacles that would stop others.
You enjoy a pleasant and colorful environment.
You are capable of bursts of high energy spontaneity, though generally more "laid back".
You are energetic and interested in many areas of life.
You are capable of accomplishment when consciously focused and persistent.


(12)You are very strong-willed and determined and can accomplish much when left alone and undisturbed.
Easy-going and original, you are capable of relaxing and enjoying the finer things in life.
You have an eye for art.
You work hard to improve your life and to surmount the tensions involved in the struggle.


(14)You demand a calm environment, free of conflict and disagreement.
You prefer natural to artificial.
You are capable of being comfortable in conditions that would bother others.
You are not easily disconcerted.
You enjoy attention, but are unsure of how to handle it. Just treat others as you'd like to be treated. It works!


(16)You enjoy a calm environment. You are easy-going and original, and will try anything once.
Gentle, relaxed, and self-assured, you are capable of being everyone's friend.
You have an eye for the aesthetic and you work well with others.
Although outwardly appearing self-possessed, you are constantly reappraising your own situation.


(18)You enjoy a peaceful environment in which to relax and appreciate life.
You have a refined sense of beauty.
You are capable of persisting against all odds when determined to reach a goal in which you often succeed.


(20)You are very spontaneous; you have a quick and original mind that knows no boundaries.
You are comparatively conservative and appreciate beautiful surroundings, especially in nature.
You are relaxed and self-assured. You work well with others.
You are a unique individual, and have unusual tastes, but you're quite comfortable among more conservative peers.


(22)You are natural and easy-going, you prefer a calm environment.
You are attracted to the outdoors.
You have a refined sense of beauty.
You have a rather conservative and well-ordered mind, you are not attracted to the bizarre.
You are comfortable with your current value system, you are not entertained by fads or styles.


(24)You are an original and powerful thinker, capable of overcoming great obstacles.
You are easy-going and enjoy the finer things in life. You have an eye for art.
You are calm and relaxed and you try not to "rock the boat".
Searching for new ideas, methods and styles, you can be very productive when focused on a course of action.

(25)Now find out the true color of others..

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